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Monday, April 19, 2010

tagged yg wajib dibuat,,huhu intan soh wat.. huhu

what is your full name?
-Emeliana binti Elias

when is your birthday?
-11 september 1987

what is your daddy's name?
-Elias hj Yassin

what is your mum's name?
-Parinah bt Rakimin

how many siblings do you have?

where do you live?
-Tampoi Indah

your favourite colour?

still studying?
-waiting for master kungfu offer

do you have a bestfriend?
-of coz i have

do you love them?
-of coz! :).. BFF

pop or jazz?

chicken or beef?
-beef.. oink oink
hahaha :D

coke or 100 plus?
-100 plus.. power plus ++ ^^

what brand is your purse?
-entahla.. emilyz kot...
hahaha :D

how much do you have in your wallet right now?
-RM 130

high heels or flat?
-High heels da xmampu da..bdn da berat..skang nga seswaikn diri ngn flat.. hehe ^^

skirts or jeans?

shirt or blouse?
-blouse..y.. jeng jeng jeng.. its secretzzzzz!!

watch or bracelet?
-watch..  :)

favourite watch's brand?

do you have boyfriend?

did you love him?
-i love him very veryyyyyy muccchhhh!! 


did you ever kiss him?
-wonder..haha :)

facebook or myspace?

what is your dream?
-diet until i turn into lidi and married lor..♥♥♥
hahahha :D

please tagged other 10 friends of yours.

nurul nadia badrulhisam
siti katijah mohd taha
izyan zuhaili
azhar shoib
prof jajan
im not single


Mimie.Candy Cane said...

ermm..nama mangsa2 tag yang mimie tu..mimie yang ni ke? hehehehe

emazatu akma said...

mestila mimie candy cane.. mane g..haha

Jaj@n said...

aikk..aku pon kene jugakk..
xmo2..laki ko pon tagg aku jugakk..

sepuk sekor2 kangg..!!

emezul said...

haha.. ala jajan..bile lagik ko nak wat..hehe